The Cost Of Cosmetology Education: Average Beauty School Tuition By State

One of several things to consider when selecting a hair school is tuition. Will you pay out of pocket? Will you secure a student loan? Will financial aid fund your education? The most important thing about tuition, though, is knowing what you're paying for.

Not all hair salon schools are created equal. With this in mind, know that some cheap institutions can provide cheapened learning experiences that don't prepare you to succeed. You owe it to yourself to research and visit all of your options. There are alot of hair stylist schools and hair design schools to choose from. The best hair salon schools out there will provide you with not only the state-required pre-licensing education but also the skills you need to start and build a successful career as a licensed cosmetology professional.

In the interest of helping you know what to expect, below are the average tuition levels for accredited hair salon schools by state.

Hair Salon School Tuition By State

  • Alabama: $12,586 (sample of 7 accredited AL hair schools)
  • Alaska: N/A (no accredited AK hair schools)
  • Arizona: $15,119 (sample of 32 accredited AZ hair schools)
  • Arkansas: $11,297 (sample of 23 accredited AR hair schools)
  • California: $14,748 (sample of 111 accredited CA hair schools)
  • Colorado: $15,015 (sample of 5 accredited CO hair schools)
  • Connecticut: $16,572 (sample of 15 accredited CT hair schools)
  • Delaware: $13,133 (sample of 3 accredited DE hair schools)
  • District of Columbia: $11,460 (sample of 1 accredited DC hair school)
  • Florida: $12,144 (sample of 61 accredited FL hair schools)
  • Georgia: $14,234 (sample of 24 accredited GA hair schools)
  • Hawaii: $18,150 (sample of 1 accredited HI hair school)
  • Idaho: $13,832 (sample of 14 accredited ID hair schools)
  • Illinois: $15,235 (sample of 69 accredited IL hair schools)
  • Indiana: $13,302 (sample of 36 accredited IN hair schools)
  • Iowa: $17,034 (sample of 18 accredited IA hair schools)
  • Kansas: $14,168 (sample of 16 accredited KS hair schools)
  • Kentucky: $13,329 (sample of 27 accredited KY hair schools)
  • Louisiana: $11,762 (sample of 28 accredited LA hair schools)
  • Maine: $13,550 (sample of 4 accredited ME hair schools)
  • Maryland: $16,122 (sample of 16 accredited MD hair schools)
  • Massachusetts: $11,371 (sample of 22 accredited MA hair schools)
  • Michigan: $12,169 (sample of 39 accredited MI hair schools)
  • Minnesota: $15,068 (sample of 22 accredited MN hair schools)
  • Mississippi: $9,976 (sample of 14 accredited MS hair schools)
  • Missouri: $12,953 (sample of 31 accredited MO hair schools)
  • Montana: $10,628 (sample of 8 accredited MT hair schools)
  • Nebraska: $15,496 (sample of 7 accredited NE hair schools)
  • Nevada: $18,163 (sample of 12 accredited NV hair schools)
  • New Hampshire: $16,128 (sample of 10 accredited NH hair schools)
  • New Jersey: $14,168 (sample of 23 accredited NJ hair schools)
  • New Mexico: $13,877 (sample of 4 accredited NM hair schools)
  • New York: $11,184 (sample of 38 accredited NY hair schools)
  • North Carolina: $14,908 (sample of 26 accredited NC hair schools)
  • North Dakota: $13,144 (sample of 7 accredited ND hair schools)
  • Ohio: $14,468 (sample of 50 accredited OH hair schools)
  • Oklahoma: $10,276 (sample of 26 accredited OK hair schools)
  • Oregon: $15,662 (sample of 21 accredited OR hair schools)
  • Pennsylvania: $14,298 (sample of 48 accredited PA hair schools)
  • Rhode Island: $15,646 (sample of 4 accredited RI hair schools)
  • South Carolina: $15,080 (sample of 23 accredited SC hair schools)
  • South Dakota: $11,990 (sample of 3 accredited SD hair schools)
  • Tennessee: $13,076 (sample of 36 accredited TN hair schools)
  • Texas: $13,349 (sample of 86 accredited TX hair schools)
  • Utah: $12,376 (sample of 24 accredited UT hair schools)
  • Vermont: $15,175 (sample of 2 accredited VT hair schools)
  • Virginia: $14,887 (sample of 17 accredited VA hair schools)
  • Washington: $13,621 (sample of 24 accredited WA hair schools)
  • West Virginia: $12,150 (sample of 10 accredited WV hair schools)
  • Wisconsin: $15,145 (sample of 24 accredited WI hair schools)
  • Wyoming: $13,900 (sample of 1 accredited WY hair school)


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